May 3, 2020        Brunch 10:15 A.M.

May 10, 2020      Graduation Reception

Aug 23, 2020      Brunch/General Meeting

Oct. 2020            Bakeless Bakesale

Nov 22, 2020      Thankoffering Sunday

                          General Mission Meeting Following Worship/Brunch                            

Dec 6 ,2020       “Cookie & Candy by the Pound” Sale

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Chairperson.........Diane Buss 346-2003/319-415-1583

Secretary.............Janet Mennen

Treasurer.............Beth Van Lengen



As a community of women, we are stewards of all that we have been given.  We experience real joy in our giving and our sharing with others.  We have the ability to be God's voice to the faith community, identifying the resources we have and supporting the ministries we need in order for us to live faithfully.

We should continually ask ourselves:  What would god have us do?  Faithful stewardship is not just a spiritual ideal to strive for, but an organizational principle that we have committed to in our constitution.  It affirms that we as a community of women will "acknowledge itself as a steward of the resources entrusted to it.  It shall commit itself to the effective use of these resources in its life and work and in the life and work of the church."  Are we all living into these principles?  Are we living faithfully?

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