Minutes of Meetings




BLCW NEWS:  As I'm writing this, Christmas is only a few days away. Merry Christmas to all. Speaking of Christmas, The BLCW Christmas meeting is January 4, following worship.  Everyone is asked to bring a treat to share.  Thank you to all who donated cookies and candy.  Once again the cookie and candy by the pound sale was a big success.  Mark Sunday, January4, as the next BLCW meeting.  All ladies of Bethel are members.  See you January 4 at 10:15. - Diane Buss



 BLCW NEWS:  I hope everyone is taking time to enjoy the fall colors.  All the golds, oranges, yellows mixed with some green is breathtaking. Fall is here and November 16 is our Thank Offering Sunday.  Ladies are asked to bring their thank offering boxes forward.  Following worship service on November 16 will be a BLCW meeting with a light brunch.  All ladies of Bethel are invited.  There will be a sign up sheet on the bulletin board.  Mark the date on your calendars and hope to see you there. 

Submitted by Diane Buss, BLCW President




BLCW NEWS - Fall is officially here and what a beautiful, colorful season it is.  Along with fall comes a much busier schedule and the church calendar is once again filling with events.  The BLCW is no exception.  Included in this Beacon is an envelope for the BLCW Bakeless Bakesale.  As you may recall the BLCW keeps the kitchen stocked with coffee, napkins, cups, paper plates, and any other odds and ends we might need in that area.  We also pay the quarterly fees for the Portals of Prayer and Christ in Our Home devotional booklets available for your daily devotions at home.  October is our annual Bakeless Bakesale to replenish the account so we can continue to provide these items for the church.  Please place your donation in the provided envelope and place it in the offering plate or leave it in the church office during the month of October.  Thank you so much for your help and have a blessed fall season. 



BLCW NEWS – I hope everyone is having a good summer.  As I am writing this, it is warming up again.  I liked the weather last week, no air conditioning, windows were open.  The garden is yielding all the vegetables we need – green beans and fresh tomatoes. YUM.  August is time for a BLCW meeting and brunch.  All women of Bethel are members of the BLCW and are welcome to attend the meetings, scheduled for Sunday, August 24, following worship.  A sign-up sheet will be posted for the brunch.  Hope to see all women of Bethel. See you Sunday, August 24. -- Diane Buss



BLCW NEWS:  Spring has finally arrived - the grass is getting green, the flowers are beginning to come up and people are sprucing up after the long hard winter. The BLCW has also done some sprucing up.  We were recently given some generous memorial donations.  We have used that money to purchase new white tables and chairs for the social room.  Thank you to those families for their gifts and our condolences to them in the loss of their loved ones. 

We have kept the old brown tables and chairs and ask that only those be borrowed.  To borrow items from the church, please call a member of the loaning committee:  JoAnne Schwarz (319-347-2922), Diane Buss (319-415-1583) or the church office (346-2028) to reserve those items. 

The BLCW would also like to thank those who so generously donated to the kitchen fund during the Lenten fellowships.  We received $367.10 from those fellowships and will use that money to restock the kitchen supplies as needed. 

The next BLCW event will be the reception for our seniors following worship on May 18, 2014.  Have a wonderful summer.  Submitted by Jan Stearns 



 BLCW News:  Will winter ever end? The calendar says spring is just around the corner so that means Lenten Services; serving groups will be doing sandwiches and bars.  They are listed in your BLCW book.  Also, our 1st BLCW women's group meeting/brunch for 2014 is on April 6th.  All women are invited and a sign-up sheet will be on the bulletin board. We have bought 10 new white tables that are lighter and much easier to handle.  They cannot leave the Church.  These were brought from the Alice Lupkes memorial given to the BLCW.  Thank you to her family.  Please mark April 6th on your calendar, ladies for the brunch/meeting.  Diane Buss



 BLCW News: Welcome 2014! Mother Nature has given us a cold welcome.  Our meeting on Jan. 5th was very informative.  Our speaker talked about Alzheimer's.  We may have her come again when more will be able to atten.  The yearbooks will be put together in the near future.  Lent is coming and groups will be asked to do the lunch follwoing the services.  Watch for upcoming meeting dates. -- Diane Buss