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2020 Quilts

AP Quilters The quilters had a short year with only quilting 2 1/2 months. We were able to complete 84 quilts and gave 30 quilts to the following organizations: Friends of the Family 12 Hospice in Waverly 12 Timothy Christian School Benefit 3 Social Concerns 1 Bethel Church Family (graduates) 2 Thank you for all of you who have donated fabric and other supplies.

2019 Quilts

Quilting Since September, when we started quilting, we completed 55 quilts and the following received 39 quilts: Friends of the Library Maple Manor Village, Aplington Relay for Life Social Concerns Bethel Church Family

November 14,2019 quilts to Maple Manor Village, Applington

May 2019 - Two quilts for graduates Nora Mann and Morgan Knock

June 2019 - Three quilts for Relay for Life

March 2019 sent quilts to Dumont Nursing Home and Cedar Valley Hospice Waverly

April 2019 quilts taken to Clarksville Nursing Home

April 4, 2019 last day of quilting lunch at Pizza Ranch in Waverly

The Quilters started the year off with completing 105 quilts and gave 100 quilts to the following organizations: Ceder Valley Hospice of Waverly, Cedar Valley Support Services,Clarksville Nursing Home, Dumont Nursing Home, Friends of the Library, Timothy Christian School, Social Concerns, ad at the Veterans Affairs for the Shelter for Homeless Veterans in Waverly and Bethel Church Family.  This also includes quilts given to the Christmas Families; these quilts didn't get counted in the total for last year.
After delivering quilts to Clarksville, Hospice, and Veterans Affairs Office they had lunch at Pizza Ranch. On April 10th the quilters went to the Rehabilitation Center of Allison who had an Appreciation lunch for all those who volunteer there.  Cedar Valley Hospice of Waverly is having a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on April 29th which all quilters will attend.

2018 Quilts

Sent quilts to the Rehabilitation Center of Allison Dec 2018.

Since quilting started in September, 65 quilts have been completed. The following organizations received 64 of them: Ronald McDonald House, Cedar Valley Hospice in Waverly, Friends of the Library, and Bethel church family. Each resident at Parker Place also received a quilt (the quilts displayed on the pews on November 11th, plus 10 more). They were very happy to receive them.

November 2108 the quilters delivered about 34 quilts to Parker Place.

The quilting ladies have been busy again. They made about 28 quilts that will be going to the Grundy Center Nursing Home, Clarksville Nursing Home and the Stabilization Center in Waterloo. They made two beautiful kids quilts for the Timothy Christian School for there Benefit Auction. They you for all the good works that you do.

Five quilts were donated to Relay for Life 2018

Wed, March 14th, 2018 the quilters were invited to the Ladies Guild at the First Congregational Church. We talked about our quilting, about the history of our quilting and who we give the quilts to and etc.  We brought several quilts  with us and Mavis's name was drawn and she was able to pick which quilt she wanted.

Quilts were delivered to Friends of the Family and finished up with lunch. We will be back in the fall, Carol

2017 Quilts

Aplington-Parkersburg Quilters In 2017, the Quilters completed 175 quilts and gave 136 quilts to the following: Adult Crisis Stabilization Center Waterloo-8 Parker Place-12 Allison Nursing Home-14 Relay for Life-4 Dumont Nursing Home-12 Ronald McDonald House IA City-9 Friends of the Family-12 Shell Rock Nursing Home-10 Grundy Center Long Term (Hosp)-10 Social Concerns-10 Grundy Center Nursing Home-12 Bethel Church Family-13, includes 4 graduates Hope Cancer Center for Women IA City-10 The quilters would like to thank everyone who has donated fabric, thread, yarn, etc. to help us have a great year. Thank You.

November 2017: Grundy Center Nursing Homes, Dumont Nursing Home and Parker Place


October 2017:  Quilts to Hope Cancer Center and Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City, Adult Stabilization Center in Waterloo and The Homeless for Vets in Waverly

Four quilts for the Relay for Life

Quilting:  Since January, we have completed 87 quilts and gave 51 to the following:  Allison Nursing Home – 12, Friends of the Family – 12, Grundy Center Long Term Care - 10, Shell Rock Nursing Home – 10, Social Concerns – 5, and Bethel Church Family – 2.  The quilters will be taking a break until fall when we will start up again.

Quilts to:

Allison Nursing Home

April 2017

The Aplington- Parkersburg Quilters delivered quilts to Friends of the Family and Shellrock Nursing Home.   We then went to Pizza Ranch in Waverly  for lunch.    We will return to quilting in the fall.

2016 Quilts

Quilts-- December 2016, 32 quilts 

   Adult Hope Cancer Center

   Adult Stabilization Crisis Center

  Allison Nursing Home

  Country View Care Center

  Christmas Family

  Social Concerns

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